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About O’Dell Chiropractic Center

Let our family take care of yours!

Woman holding paperdoll cutoutsAt O’Dell Chiropractic Center, we’ve provided exceptional chiropractic care over the years to those in the Walled Lake, Commerce Township & West Bloomfield communities. Dr. Bernard O’Dell opened the practice in 1970, and his son, Dr. Randy O’Dell, joined in 1976. Dr. Eric Dilts became part of our team in 1999, followed by Dr. Chris O’Dell in 2005. Sadly, Dr. Chris passed away on July 18, 2021. His memory and spirit live on in our family and in our practice.

Our doctors have continued to further Dr. Bernard’s legacy of providing safe, effective and natural chiropractic to patients of all ages. We focus on restorative and corrective chiropractic care to address the underlying cause of pain and impaired health.

An Adjustment That Shaped Generations of O’Dells

Dr. Randy’s daughter Dr. Jessica Thompson shares how their family made chiropractic their life’s work.

My grandfather, Dr. Bernard, who started the practice, had three or four siblings who were chiropractors. It first started with my great uncle, Dr. Clair O’Dell. The story tells that his father, who was a farmer, had gotten sick and visited the medical doctor.

Instead of providing beneficial care, the doctor pulled out a lot of his teeth. They couldn’t find out what was wrong with him. A friend told Mr. O’Dell, “Hey, why don’t you try a chiropractor?” So he asked his medical doctor if he should do that. And his medical doctor said, “Well, he’ll relieve you all right—he’ll relieve you of your pocketbook.”

Mr. O’Dell decided to give chiropractic a go, as he informed the medical doctor that he hadn’t helped him. My great uncle told the story that within a week he was riding home on the school bus, and he saw someone in the fields and didn’t know who it was.

When he got home, he ran out there and realized that it was his father who was back to working in the fields. My great uncle made the decision at an early age that he would be a chiropractor, because that’s what helped his father.

Generations Taking Care of Generations

We’ve been privileged to have had three generations of chiropractors take care of several generations of family members throughout our years in service. Four generations of O’Dell family members have worked in the practice since we’ve been in business. There are now 38 chiropractors in the O’Dell extended family!

Helping Patients Feel Their Best

Through our many decades in practice, our chiropractors have been able to provide healing help and lasting relief for their patients. So many patients were heading down the path of getting back surgery, and were able to get relief here, avoid surgery, and even do exponentially better than they had when they initially came in.

Get Back to What You Love in Life

Whether you’re a busy parent hoping to get more energy and improve your function so you can play with your kids, or an active senior who wants to stay fit, we’re here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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